1. OBHLP016 - Quattro Stagioni
    The Drain On The Balcony

  2. OBHFREE001 - Leccy Car For Christmas

  3. OBHLP014 - Sunshine Pop
    The Yellow Melodies

  4. OBHLP013 - From A Land Of Glass Without Mirrors
    Sissy Space Echo & The Invisible Collaborators

  5. OBHLP010 - 1985
    The Five Year Plan

  6. OBHLP012 - Never Ending Story
    The Vaxtones

  7. OBHLP011 - Mystic Science
    Davey Woodward and the Winter orphans

  8. OBH004 - The Legendary Bang live EP
    The Legendary Bang

  9. OBH019EP - In Search of Something Beautiful
    Dark Matters

  10. Lower Than Underground vol. 1 compilation, with 1st issue of Lower than Underground fanzine.
    Old Bad Habits Label

  11. OBH017 - Day Crash/Weekend Away
    The Science of Words

  12. OBH018 - Cellophane Bride/Infernal Contraption
    Infernal Contraption

  13. OBHLP009 - Every Story Begins With a Snake
    The Rev Jonny Kinkaid

  14. OBHLP008 - My Name is EXPECTATION
    The WaterStriders

  15. OBHLP007 - Karen

  16. OBH016 - Heartlock / Down Again
    Acid Barretts

  17. OBH013 - Je Suis Une Punke/Frida
    Christina Crimari

  18. OBH014 - Greek Wine

  19. OBH015 - Weight Of The World EP
    The Hermitts

  20. OBHLP004 - First Coming
    Red Light

  21. OBHLP006 - Adventures In Wonderland
    Arrest! Charlie Tipper

  22. OBHLP005 - Pleasant Dreams
    The Yellow Melodies

  23. OBHLP003 - Pop Scum/Not The Worst Of...
    Beatnik Filmstars

  24. OBH012 - Big Fish/Anna Βlume

  25. OBHDGT001 - DIY And Fuck Digital Platforms (the story so far)
    Kissamatic Lovebubbles

  26. OBHO11 - The Day The Earth Caught Fire/ They'll Fix You (They Fix Everything)
    Sissy Space Echo & The Invisible Collaborators

  27. OBHLP002 - Red
    Arrest! Charlie Tipper

  28. OBH010 - We All Deserve a Chance EP
    The Yellow Melodies

  29. OBH005 - Pilot/Eye Of The Storm
    Jimmy Knows

  30. OBH006 - European Getaway/Concrete and Rust
    The Rev. Jonny Kinkaid and the Imaginary Nowhere Band

  31. OBH009 - Truly Deeply Madly/The Woman Who Walks Through Walls
    The Drain On The Balcony

  32. OBHLP001 - Little Black Rose
    Dark Matters

  33. ΟΒΗ008 - Please Come Home for Christmas/Hurricane Hermione
    Stars On Fire

  34. OBH007 - Rotten Wood/Pablo Picasso
    Jowe Head and Fleeting Glimpses

  35. OBH003 - Shut Up and Kiss Me/Rescue Me
    The Flatmates

  36. OBH001 - Endless / Me
    Kissamatic Lovebubbles feat. the Twelve Hour Foundation

  37. OBH002 - The 93% / Pete's Dead
    Arrest! Charlie Tipper


Old Bad Habits Label Athens, Greece

Old Bad Habits Label is an original alternative-pop underground label based in the Eastern part of Attica close to Athens, Greece. It is specialized in the release of high aesthetic coloured 7” vinyl singles. Pop n’ roll till the end!

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